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Participating in LoyaltyFunding is a way for you to support UTM Fastpitch without it costing you anything!

Money raised through this LoyaltyFunding program goes directly to the UTM Fastpitch teams to help off-set the cost of tournaments, training, equipment etc.

We are thankful for your choice to support UTM and we hope you use and enjoy the cards that you order.

Watch the video and fill in the form to below to get more information on supporting UTM through LoyaltyFunding.

**Note: Participants supporting UTM are not eligible for a charitable tax receipt through this program**

Now you can support UTM Fastpitch without it costing you a dime...

Set up a monthly order for gift cards to the retailers you already shop with. You pay the face-value of the giftcard       (ie. you pay $250 for a $250 card) so there is no cost to you
We will mail those gift cards directly to you each month
A portion of each monthly order will be donated to
UTM Fastpitch

Ready to Start?

Do you have questions or would like to place your order with a live representative?
Fill out your information below and someone will connect with you shortly.

Success! Message received.

Place your monthly gift card subscription quickly and easily through our online ordering site.

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