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If you've ever had the opportunity to witness the process of childbirth, it is certainly a unique experience. It can be an empowering moment for someone who is well prepared and fortunate enough to have a  support system in place. But it can also be difficult moment if a family isn't emotionally, physically or mentally prepared.  In situations like this, a well trained and certified Doula can make a world of difference.


Doulas are highly trained, non-medical, professionals who can provide physical assistance and emotional support to labouring mothers and their families. Doulas are great and offer an invaluable service. Sadly though, doulas are not covered by Provincial health insurance or most private insurers. This means clients pay for a doula out of pocket. This is why The Doula Fund was created.


Thanks to your generous donations and support, we are able to provide doula care to these same socially and economically disadvantaged women by providing the funding for their doulas. Every doula deserves to earn a living and every woman who wants a doula should have access to one. We’re hoping that by working together we can make that happen!


Now you can support The Doula Fund without it costing you anymore than you would already spend on your monthly grocery, gas, or coffee purchases.

Watch the video and submit your information below to get started!

Now you can support The Doula Fund without it costing you a dime...

Set up a monthly order for gift cards to the retailers you already shop with. You pay the face-value of the giftcard       (ie. you pay $250 for a $250 card) so there is no cost to you
We will mail those gift cards directly to you each month
A portion of each monthly order will be donated to
The Doula Fund, in your name as a charitable donation

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