Fundraising with LoyaltyFunding is simple, automatic and doesn't cost you anything more than you would already spend each month on your groceries, gas and coffee purchases. You simply set up a monthly subscription to receive gift cards to the retailers you already normally shop with. The payment will be automatically taken out each month and you will receive your cards in the mail. You pay exactly the same amount as the value of the cards you receive.

Here are just some of the retailers you are able to choose from:







Since we pre-purchase the gift cards in bulk, the retailers give us a discount. We, in turn, donate a portion of that discount to the charity you specify. It's that simple.

When that discounted portion is designated to a registered Canadian Charity, you are eligible for a charitable tax receipt for the amount that is donated. So not only are you supporting a charity through the purchases you would have already been making, you are also receiving a tax benefit come tax time.

To get started, click on one of the causes listed below:

Big Brothers Big Sisters - Guelph

JAM Canada - Red Bowl Campaign

Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada - multiple regions


YMCA's Across Southwestern Ontario - Strong Kids Campaign

Waterloo Wellington Down Syndrome Society

Brain Injury Association Waterloo-Wellington

Christian Horizons


Existing Clients

If you are a current participant or an existing client and wish to change your monthly order,
please connect with us through our Contact Us page.


If you are a new participant looking to support an existing client that is not included in the list above, simply click the button below to place your order online and select "other" in the Charity to Support drop down box and type in the name of the charity/cause in the text box beneath that list. If you would like to speak to a live representative, click the  "schedule a call" button to book a call today.