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St. Teresa Catholic School Playground Renewal Fund


Making Play Possible…with Your Help!


Did you know that no school board provides funding for the maintenance or replacement of playground equipment? Even a modest replacement structure costs $20,000. This poses a real challenge to a School Community.

Funding a Playground - A Daunting Challenge


St. Teresa School, a small schooling central Kitchener is proud of it's top ten EQAO ranking among Ontario's 2625 elementary schools. A good playground contributes to continued academic excellence. Our current playground structure has been well loved, but now requires ongoing costly maintenance. The estimated cost of a new, accessible, interactive, stimulating, and safe playground is $50,000.


A dedicated group of parents, community volunteers, and staff in our small school community has working extremely hard to raise $16,000 towards our $50,000 goal.


We need your help!!!

With LoyaltyFunding, you can help us raise funds without it costing you anything extra than what you already spend on groceries, gas, and coffee.

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Now you can support the St. Teresa Catholic School Playground Renewal Fund without it costing you a dime...

Set up a monthly order for gift cards to the retailers you already shop with. You pay the face-value of the giftcard       (ie. you pay $250 for a $250 card) so there is no cost to you
We will mail those gift cards directly to you each month
A portion of each monthly order will be donated Waterloo Region Catholic Schools Foundation - St. Teresa (Kitchener), in your name, as a charitable donation

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