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SchoolBOX is a Canadian and Nicaraguan charity with the simple, ambitious mission of 'Making Education Possible' for all children. We do this by building classrooms and libraries and equipping kids with the basic supplies they need to go to school. In Nicaragua, the second-poorest country in the Western Hemisphere after Haiti, families are often faced with the difficult decision to feed their children or provide them with school supplies.


We firmly believe that education is the most effective weapon to eradicate poverty. Just $10 is all it takes to provide one child with the notebooks, pencils, ruler, eraser and pencil sharpener they need to remain in school for one year. Younger students also get Plasticine, while older students receive coloured pencils. Students also receive a new backpack every 3 years! 


This means that by participating in our LoyaltyFunding campaign, the average person's grocery budget provides enough to send 10 children to school each year and give them a chance at a better life...and it doesn't cost you a thing.

Learn more about SchoolBOX by watching our documentary.


Please fill out the contact form below to learn more about how you can empower kids through education without it costing you anything!

Now you can support for SchoolBOX without it costing you a dime...

Set up a monthly order for gift cards to the retailers you already shop with. You pay the face-value of the giftcard       (ie. you pay $250 for a $250 card) so there is no cost to you
We will mail those gift cards directly to you each month
A portion of each monthly order will be donated to
SchoolBOX, in your name, as a charitable donation

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