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Refer Your Friends & Family and get FREE GAS!


It’s simple: You currently participate in LoyaltyFunding and know it works.

You are supporting a good cause, you get a tax deduction* by paying for your groceries, gas and coffee with gift cards.


So, refer your friends & family, help them place their order online and
will receive a $25 Petro-Canada giftcard for EVERY new sign-up!



Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Tell your friends & family about LoyaltyFunding and how easy it is to participate and generate funds for charity.

  2. Help them decide on the charity to support (it may be yours or another charity of their choice).

  3. Help them place their order online at

  4. Put your name in the “Referred By” line and we will send you a $25 Petro-Canada gift card for every new order placed**!

  5. As always, new orders must be received by our office by the 15th of the month to be processed for the following month.



* Your selected charity must be a registered Canadian charity in order for you to receive a charitable tax receipt

** You must have an active LoyaltyFunding account to receive your bonus gift card(s)

Copy the text below, the go to Facebook and "paste" into your timeline

I generate funds for my favourite charity through my everyday shopping and you can too!

Go to for more information or ask me how!

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