Q.  How much does the cause/charity receive?
If the participant pays through automatic bank debit, then 3% of the order value is donated to charity. If payment is made through credit card, then 1.5% is donated. 
$200/mth = $72/yr donation, $250 = $90, $400 = $144, $500 = $180, $1000 = $360

If the organization that is being supported is a registered Canadian charity, this donation amount is a regular donation to the charity and eligible for a Charitable Tax receipt.

Q.  Is the card like a credit card or just a regular gift card?
The cards the participant will receive are just regular gift cards, just like they would purchase in a store themselves

Q.  Do the gift cards expire?
No. Canadian Law since 2007 has made it illegal for any gift cards to have an expiry date. If you don’t use the full value of the card one month, you can use the remaining balance the following month.

Q.  Is the participant “locked in” to their order for any amount of time?
No. An order can be changed (card amounts, retailers, payment method) or can be put on hold at any time. Changes made before the 15th of a month will go into effect for the following month’s order

Q.  Are there other retailers available then what is on the online order form?
No. We understand that some participants would like access to gift cards to restaurants or clothing retailers so that they can support their charity with these purchases as well. We have chosen to focus LoyaltyFunding on purchases that a participant makes every month like groceries, gas, and coffee and not retailers that participants might frequent only a few times a year.

Most grocery retailers will now allow you to purchase other gift cards using your gift card to their store, so a participant does have the option to order a higher amount to their preferred grocery store and then use those cards to purchase gift cards to the other retailers they will be shopping at that month in order to generate funds for their cause/charity with more of their shopping.

Q.  When will I be charged for my order? When will the cards arrive?
Orders must be in before the 15th of the month. Those orders will be charged on the 28th of the month and cards will be sent on the following 5th. (ie. an order placed on or before May 15th will be charged on May 28th and shipped on June 5th)

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