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LoyaltyFunding is excited to introduce a two-part referral program to increase the participation for your cause! This program requires an investment from your charity, but the investment is only paid out after the value have been received. Here’s what it looks like.


Current participants will be contacted by LoyaltyFunding informing them that they will receive a bonus $25 Petro-Canada gift card in their next month’s order for every new person that signs up for LoyaltyFunding at and fills in the “referred by” field. By offering this $25 bonus, participants will share the LoyaltyFunding program with their friends and family, not only because it’s a great program, not only because you are an awesome cause, but also because they receive FREE GAS (and with prices soaring like they are, who wouldn’t want that!)


We believe this will increase the communication between participants for your charity and their family, neighbours and circle of friends...therefore having the potential of creating a large increase in support for your charity!


Here is where the $25 will come from. $10 is straight from Community Charity Services as a bonus to your cause and your participants for taking part in LoyaltyFunding. The other $15 will be billed as a “promotional fee” to your organization and reflected in the total dollar value of your support cheque.


Here is an example:

25 new people sign up through referrals, pay by bank, and have a minimum order ($200). This creates an increase of $1,800 in annual income for your charity (as always)! A one-time promotion fee of $375 ($15 x 25 new participants) will be charged to you from Community Charity Services, so your actual new income will $1,425 for the first year and then $1,800 for every year after that.


If 25 new people sign up through referrals, pay by bank, and have our average order ($300/mth), this creates a $2,700 income the first year (minus $375, so $2,325) and $2,700 annual after that.


The second part of the referral program applies to events where LoyaltyFunding is promoted by a LoyaltyFunding Representative. At these events, a sign-up bonus of a $25 Petro-Canada gift card will be offered to those individuals who sign up for an order AT THE EVENT. This bonus $25 card will be sent to them along with their first month’s order. These participant have the requirement to stay on the program for a minimum of 3 months and this will be explained to them at the event.


The $25 is generated that same way as the referral program with $10 coming from Community Charity Services and $15 being billed to your charity at the end of the year as a “promotional fee”.



A referral program like this has been requested by our current participants and our current clients, like you, and so we are very excited to be delivering this to you!


If you have any questions about this program, how to best implement it, or any other questions about LoyaltyFunding please contact your LoyaltyFunding representative and we would be happy to help!

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