Did you know that $65 will fund an entire month of our four-month scholarship, including tuition, transportation, and photocopies?

Did you know that some high school students miss school because they don't have the bus fare and that $25 from the Student Emergency Fund will pay their transportation for an entire month?

Did you know that $25 will pay for much needed, and not supplied, English textbooks?

And did you know that if you participated in LoyaltyFunding, you could generate $100 or more every year through the grocery, gas, and coffee purchases you already make each month? Not only that, but the money you generate through your participation also qualifies as a charitable donation to CanTeach Connections!

Watch the video and sign up today to help us support the students of El Salvador...and it won't cost you a thing!

Now you can support for CanTeach Connections without it costing you a dime...

Set up a monthly order for gift cards to the retailers you already shop with. You pay the face-value of the giftcard       (ie. you pay $250 for a $250 card) so there is no cost to you
We will mail those gift cards directly to you each month
A portion of each monthly order will be donated to  CanTeach, in your name, as a charitable donation

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