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We have all heard the concept of CrowdFunding in the last few years. A large number of participants give a small amount to create something great. LoyaltyFunding is similar, but in this case the participants don't do the giving, retailers do. Retailers will give a discount based on loyalty and the buying power achieved by the number of participants involved.

Community Charity Services (CCS) has created a LoyaltyFunding campaign that can be run by a charity at no cost to the charity, no cost to the participant (other than buying groceries, gas and coffee that they would have already purchased otherwise) and creates a regular and reliable income for the charity, month after month, year after year.

This is achieved in a very simple way. Participants, who we call LoyaltyFunders, look at their monthly budget and what stores they already shop at for groceries, coffee and gas and choose a monthly gift card order that reflects that. They sign up for an automatic bank or credit card payment for their desired gift card amount, receive these gift cards in the mail every month and then use the gift cards as payment for their regular purchases.

Because CCS is able to purchase these gift cards from the retailers at a bulk discount, there is an  "annual purchase discount" created by each LoyaltyFunder that they direct to their preferred charity. CCS takes care of all of the customer service including enrollment, payment processing, monthly mailing of the gift cards and adjusting orders as requested by the LoyaltyFunder, and more.

As a charity, your only task is to promote the LoyaltyFunding campaign to those who wish to support your cause. 

Based on historical data, the average LoyaltyFunder generates a $100 annual purchase discount that is then donated to your charity. As an additional benefit to the LoyaltyFunder, the Canadian Revenue Agency has ruled that the annual purchase discount generated is a charitable donation when forwarded on to a Canadian charity therefore generating a charitable tax receipt in the amount of the annual purchase discount.


We would love to work with you and your organization to set up a LoyaltyFunding campaign and begin to raise funds for your cause. To contact one of our representatives that will help you do just that, simply fill out the form below. 

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